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The demise of the Nickey Line came in stages. Probably the first event was the 'temporary suspension' of passenger trains on the line on 16th June 1947, due to a shortage of coal in the country at the time. The passenger service was never restarted again. Goods traffic continued to run particularly to Hemel Hempstead Gas Works.
In 1959 Hemel Hempstead New Town Development Corporation took over the section of the line between the Gas Works and Hemel Hempstead (Midland) Station. Between 1960 and 1964 the track between the Gas Works and Hemelite (Claydales) was lifted and buffer stops were erected just south of Hemelite sidings.
        · Cotterells Sidings track was lifted early 1960
        · Heath Park bridges were removed 31st May 1960
        · Marlowes Viaduct was finally demolished 2nd July 1960
        · Hemel Midland Station closed 1st July 1963
        · Godwin's Sidings closed 2nd March 1964
        · February 1st 1968 Hemelite took over the running of the branch as a siding.
        · February 1979 BR announced that Harpenden Junction Signal Box would close in June.
        · The last delivery of ash wagons via the Mainline was on 27th June 1979
        · The Nickey Line was severed from the Mainline on 24th July 1979
        · Harpenden Junction Signal Box closed on 20th October 1979
        · Lifting of the track from Hemelite Sidings to Harpenden started on 8th February 1982
        · The access road bridge to Hemelite Yard was removed on 28th February 1982
        · The final track removal at the Harpenden end of the line was on 27th April 1982
        · Nickey Line Cycle/Walking Path construction started in November 1983