Brian E.Howard - The Chairman
Hemel Hempstead
Concrete Limited

In 1959 Howards of Bedford took over the old Claydales Brickworks site in Hemel Hempstead for the production of clinker building blocks. The company was supplied with power station clinker ash by rail via Harpenden Junction and the Nickey Line and was by 1964 the only company served by the line. In 1968 British Rail announced that they were planning to close the branch line. It was then suggested that the branch line be classified as a siding and in 1969 responsibility for the branch line was transferred to Hemelite. The branch line was disconnected from the Main Line in 1979, but the line was still used by Hemelite until 1982 when the track was finally lifted. See the articles in the 'Information' section of this website (via the 'Home' button) for more information and also books that you can buy on the Nickey Line.
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